The Green In Bannerman Green

At the heart of the Bannerman Green project is a vision of housing for a rapidly-changing world. This project looks at the cost of housing, not just in terms of the financial investment of individual households, but in terms of the wider costs to our shared environment, where buildings are currently responsible for about forty percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bannerman Green’s goal is to operate at net-zero emissions, and also to use zero carbon methods and materials in construction, both in the new construction at 64 Bannerman, and in the deep retrofit of two nearby existing homes. This project offers families and individuals a path towards meeting Canada’s Paris Accord commitment to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2030, and to zero by 2050. It’s designed to be resilient to the climactic changes we anticipate in the coming decades.

How will we get to zero-carbon?

Bannerman Green is committed to a 90% reduction in emissions for the 64 Bannerman building through

  • passive, resilient and durable construction materials
  • solar panels and geothermal heat
  • insulation and impermeable air/water barriers
  • share common spaces and transportation

Bannerman Green Housing Co-op is part of the massive transformation to sustainable housing solutions required over the next decades, as we seek to meet our carbon emissions targets as a society. Bannerman Green will draw on innovations used in other regions, and will collect metrics to assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques used, recognizing that this project is one building block in a wider societal response to climate change.

For further details about the development process up to May 2024, click here.