Laura Donatelli

What is something you enjoy about the St. John’s/Scotia Heights/Luxton/North End/Point Douglas neighbourhood?

My partner built us a new home in North Point Douglas in 2012 and I have loved living in that neighbourhood and within walking distance of downtown destinations. Previously I lived in Wildwood Park for 25 years so I also relish living close to the river with its flora and fauna.

Why are you a member of Bannerman Green?

This is great chance to learn about building sustainable co-operative housing, and I am happy to contribute to this worthwhile project. As a bonus, it has been delightful to get to know and appreciate the diversity of other members.

If you plan/want to live at Bannerman Green, what are you most looking forward to?

I want to live lightly on the earth. While not without its challenges, living in an intentional community also appeals to me, particularly since my own family lives far away.

What is your favourite band or musician?

I buy CDs when at folk festivals & house concerts as a way to support new musicians. But I tend to return to older music as “comfort sound”, particularly enjoying female folk harmonies. Madrigaïa was a favourite group and I was so sad when they disbanded. I sing (poorly but with relish) with the Rainbow Harmony Project choir but, if there is a next life, I hope to come back as an amazing a cappella singer in an all-girl band.

Have you started any new hobbies during COVID19?

No, sadly. My goal is to cull/organize decades of photos into albums and to write a life time-line to accompany it but I have been successfully procrastinating for months now.

What is your favourite season?

As a long-time student, fall feels like the start of a new year. The warm sunny days and crisp nights fill me full of excitement and energy – great hiking weather after the heat and humidity of the summer.

What is a TV show that you loved to watch as a kid or teenager?

On Sunday nights, my four siblings and I were allowed to watch the “Wonderful World of Disney” while eating our Swanson TV dinners. Such a treat!

Would you rather wear only one colour each day, or have to wear 7 colours each day?

7 colours please, and the brighter the better.

Would you rather host a large gathering, or attend a large gathering at someone else’s house?

My personal motto is “dull women have immaculate houses” but I had a mother who was a Home Economics grad extraordinaire. Hence, I get extreme anxiety about hosting a gathering but I do love to attend one at someone else’s place.

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself/selves to the other members of Bannerman Green? Work? Family? Pets?

I worked in the field of community health for non-profit organisations and 3 levels of government. Now retired, my time is usually filled with volunteer activities and travel to visit family as my children and siblings live scattered throughout Canada.