Jacquie Mignot

What is something you enjoy about the St. John’s/Scotia Heights/Luxton/North End/Point Douglas neighbourhood?

I appreciate the sense of community and the diversity of people.

Why are you a member of Bannerman Green?

I want to live in the coop and be part of a community striving for sustainability in the environment, but also in community and belonging.

If you plan/want to live at Bannerman Green, what are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to building community and interdependence.

What is your favourite band or musician?

I don’t have a favourite, but I love Classical, Blues, R&B, Soul, Disco, and any music that touches my heart.

Have you started any new hobbies during COVID19?

I started reading novels again.

What is your favourite season?

Fall-the colours, the cool/warm temperatures, the settling in.

What is a TV show that you loved to watch as a kid or teenager?

Sesame Street, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Would you rather wear only one colour each day, or have to wear 7 colours each day?

One colour each day-easy and classic.

Would you rather host a large gathering, or attend a large gathering at someone else’s house?

A large gathering somewhere else.