Members and Friends Contact List

Below is a list of current members and friends of Bannerman Green. 

This list is being provided to help foster a sense of community within Bannerman Green and you are encouraged to reach out and get to know one another better.

If for any reason you no longer wish to have your name appear on this list please send a request to 

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Eleanor Thompsonethompson@mymts.net204-612-4948grant writing / research / outreach / community-building
Dudley Thompsonsunrise4@mymts.net204-793-1781Architect specializing in sustainable buildings
Joan Thomasjoanthomas@shaw.ca204-589-1853author / communications
Bill Dunnbilldunn@shaw.ca204-589-1853
Judy Wasylycia-Leisjudywl@mymts.net204-586-3815organizational skills / knowledge of political process
Joyce McInnesejmcinnes6@gmail.com431-777-7578hospitality, design, gardening
Karin Seileremeraldsky@shaw.ca204-791-9337governance / conflict resolution / cross-cultural work / gardening
James Chaprykjchapryk@shaw.ca204-589-2559business / problem-solving / boards / co-op experience
Laura Donatelliomojean98@hotmail.com204-952-6487minute-taker / construction / gardening / active transportation
Terry Woodstdwoods52@hotmail.com204-869-0986construction / recycling / public relations
Brad Nancenance@mymts.net204-229-9456real estate / knowledge of intentional communities
Caitlin Thomas-Dunnc.thomasdunn@gmail.com204-803-8138commitment to accessible housing
Megan McArtonmeganmcarton55@gmail.com204-230 9830actor / performing arts
Karen Hurstkmhurst@icloud.com204-291-2255co-op experience in childcare setting
Kerri Irvin-RossKerri.irvin-ross@mys.mb.ca204-794-0894
Twyla Motkaluktmotkaluk@gmail.com204-294-1793
Brent Johnsonbrentj@musician.org204-793-1246Serves on Luxton Residents' Assoc and several arts boards. Very supportive and may be interested in living there way down the road.
Karen Johnsonklcjohnson@gmail.com204-793-1246
Mark Koenkercmk@mts.net204-275-3549design / construction
Connie Koenkerckoenker@hotmail.com204-275-3549membership committee
Codi Guenthercodisguenther@gmail.com204-250-8937newcomers / grant writing
Trish CooperTrishcooper395@gmail.comtheatre artist / public relations and communications degree
Don Hurstdon.hurst@mymts.net204-589-2663finance / administration
Kathryn Marchkmarch1@live.com204-586-6290administration / management / gardening
Zeeba Loxleyzloxley@shaw.ca204-589-7482
Chantal Smithchantaly@mymts.net204-330-3539
Amanda Leightonasuzannel@gmail.com204-688-6662neighbour
Jeffrey Leightonjeffreyleighton@gmail.comneighbour
Karyn Kumhyrkarynk@mts.netdesign/documentation/video audio work
Ted Stebbingtedsteb@shaw.ca204-582-7578renovation / design / construction
Louise Thiessenlkthiessen@gmail.com204-391-3846
Sherman Reimerslhreimer@gmail.com431-335-3006
Harry Haidhhaid@tandemcoop.caarchitect / consultant
Karl Falkkfalk@tandemcoop.caconsultant
Tusia 204-339-8747
Emily Halldorsonemhalldorson@hotmail.com204-891-8238policy analysis / community-based research / planning / outreach
Georgina Rheaume
204-338-5103 (home) 204-558-6742 (cell)
Luba Berezaluba@me.com204-294-0387Board experience, community dev.,health and social services leadership
Doris Quinndquinn@mymts.net204-338-5907
Steve Snydersteve.o.snyder@gmail.com431-277-2732Property Development / Community Development
Nadia and Andrew
Melissa Critchmelcritch@hotmail.com204-960-0020Sits on 2 Indigenous Boards, tradesperson - carpentry, roofing, framing, design, structural systems
Jessica Piperjessica.piper@gmail.com431-999-1840Aspiring architect, collaborative leadership
Helen Shoretosha37@hotmail.com204-837-7872Former CFS Supervisor, co-owner of farm
Rowena Fisherrfisher9@mts.net204-582-0340Lawyer, investigator and mediator. Interests include gardening
Aurelie Moganamogan@shaw.ca204-589-2326
Edith Smithedithls@mymts.net204-783-3733
Ed Kolomayae.kolomaya@shaw.ca204-582-6612Real estate, design, business experience. Long-time community advocate / activist
Helen Kolomayae.kolomaya@shaw.ca204-582-6612Long-time community activist / advocate for important educational and civic reforms. Sales, communications
Jodi Bunnjodibunn0208@gmail.com204-819-2873Early Childhood educator
Benjamin 204-801-4271Lawyer with previous experience in policy analysis
Tim Sale and Irene Raineytimsale941@gmail.com204-452-8610Experience in housing policy and projects
Caleb McGinncalebmcginn@protonmail.com204-392-4446Completed Master of Architecture with focus on housing cooperatives; carpenter
Margaret Plattemplatte27@gmail.com204-694-1772Organizing and communications skills, community educator
John Wilmotjohn@prioritysafety.ca204-586-8623
Melanie Janzenmelanie.janzen@umanitoba.ca204-230-4775Educator
Linda and George Nykulaiktravelspot@yahoo.ca204-589-4987Business Management / Property Management / Interior Design
Monique Sobczyk204-589-2615Teacher-librarian, yoga teacher
Julie Chamberlainjuliehchamberlain@gmail.com416-910-5925

Instructor U of W
Eduard Eppedepp19@gmail.com204-477-4270
Jane Bridlejanebridle@live.com204-477-4270
Wendy MacMillanwendy-mac@shaw.ca204-930-2055Previously lived in co-op housing; enjoy being involved in community activity and events
Sara Stasiuksara.stasiuk@theforks.com204-771-8789Accountant. Works at The Forks; Interested in my neighbourhood and in progressive models for sustainable design and construction
Gord Holmstromgordholmstrom@gmail.com204-887-5282Has lived in a co-op previously and looking forward to rejoining a community. Organizational skills and cooking for large groups
Jacqueline Mignotmignotj@outlook.com204-333-9477Teaching, communications, gardening, wellness, mental health issues, diversity and inclusion, healthy and delicious cooking, walking and yoga, and creating community.
Janice and Steve Koepnickjksea93@gmail.com204-804-4703
Sarah Eppzarahepp@gmail.com204-955-4270
Jesse Warkentinelectrolounge99@gmail.com204 963-8086
Frank Restallfrank@restall.ca204-253-7334
Aida Rodriguesa_rodrigues@mymts.net204-261-3273Teacher, administrator, organizer, consensus-builder, enjoy gardening, willing to serve on various committees
Irene Seilercatwoman127@telus.net604-986-0446Business / accounting background with keen interest in the environment, climate, and living in community
Parker Koepnickabbykay221@gmail.com204-807-9774Interested in carpooling, eco friendly, interested in living in a co-op community. Preferred name is Parker.
Patrisha Bellpatrisha4@hotmail.com204-509-3628Human resources, customer service, supervisory skills. sat on WRAA and WCWRC boards, Childcare - ECE, Big Sister
Joan-Dianne Smithjd_smith@mts.net204-488-0370Psychotherapist in group dynamics - can assist with cooperation and conflict resolution
Jeanne Hrechkosy204-586-2555
Jennifer Schmidtjenschm@shaw.ca204-298-3100
Diane Frolickdfrolick@mymts.net204-222-4768
Meg Graymeggray57@gmail.com204-223-7547Service Provider
Sonia Kowalewichskowalewich@shaw.ca204-998-7476
Richard Kennettrkennett1@shaw.ca204-295-4856
Morley Fingardmorleyfingard@gmail.com204-698-0346Previous involvement with Carpathia Housing Co-op, serving as Director, President Fully supportive of co-op housing and affordable housing.
Nancy McKinnonnamspace9@gmail.com204-582-4974Architect; loves North End Winnipeg
Alon Weinbergalon.d.weinberg@gmail.com204-783-3559Interested in modelling co-housing for the future. Interested in communications, environmental research and networking
Kaeryn Gregorykaergreg@gmail.com204-558-3450Believes in the project's intent; lives in neighbourhood; works in sustainable design
Helena Ireen
Dylon Martindylonrmartin@gmail.com204-619-7966Some knowledge of housing matters, experience serving on a nonprofit board, and general knowledge of the public sector.
Linda Carpentierlmkc@mymts.net204-734-7130Household skills, Bookkeeping, Writing, Playing piano
Sandra Campbellumscampbell1@gmail.com204-947-1910Hospitality, gardening
Tim Froesetj58froese@gmail.com204-292-2758humour, 30 years experience living in Wolseley neighbourhood, volunteer sports & music, former teacher, house painter, prison librarian, well-read, stubborn optimist, artist, have handyman tools, can lead or follow.
Noel Nazareth (and Amrit Sidhu)noelsnazareth@gmail.com204-952-0283Graphic design and illustration skills, as well as co-op management experience. (Amrit has great housekeeping and gardening/landscaping experience.)
Mikki Jamiesonmikkijamieson204-295-1601I have a high attention to detail, empathic with a strong sense of justice. I am non judgemental and have skills and knowledge in occupational health and safety. I am interested in social justice and have experience working with children. Critical thinking skills and task management are also some of my skills. I enjoy reading and being active also
Kyle Masonkyle_j_mason@icloud.com204-391-0015
Management skills
Tamara Wilsontupelohoney002@gmail.com204-899-8046I am a very task oriented person so although I'm not particularly great at planning events, but if given a task I am detail oriented and thorough. I enjoy participating on committees and am good at record keeping.
Lynn Langdon (and David Langdon)lynnlangdon@hotmail.com204-996-5999Former legal secretary
Wendy Bowmanwendyab59@gmail.com204-999-5042I was a registered nurse for 42 years of my life so I know many of the skill sets I practised there I would bring to this project. I was also a massage therapist for 20 of the years I nursed. I love people and love to be in conversation for what's possible in life. I have done a lot of personal growth and development which also has provided me with such a positive attitude towards life. I am great in groups and I just love to find out about others and I am a real stand for people being heard and appreciated for who they are.
Helena Lehnhelenalehn82@gmail.com204-232-8592I am a birth Doula (one a year now bc I need to make full time money and benefits)I am a great knitter. I compost with worms, and teach everyone I know about vermicomposting, I volunteer with harvest moon and am always learning at their workshops. This year I am especially interested in learning about low carbon wardrobe creation. The small space Gardening workshop, and listening during the Swan Lake First Nation Climate Change Group presentation.