Collective Design Process

In the fall of 2020, members and friends of Bannerman Green participated in a Collective Design Process to explore the character and style of building that would best express our vision and embody the values of the Project Charter. With the goal of soliciting ideas and feedback from as wide a group of stakeholders as possible, Bannerman Green members dropped an invitation to participate in the Collective Design Process at about 150 homes around the Bannerman and St. Cross site. This wider consultation was crucial in developing a design that would not only suit the future residents of the co-op, but would also fit well into the neighbourhood and enhance the community.

About 30 people expressed interest in being part of the consultation. These sessions were conducted via video-chat and led by Dudley Thompson, using materials developed in his architectural practice. Three groups considered options and shared ideas about a wide range of variables including the size and design of the building(s), orientation on the lot, and features that would support and enhance the lives and activities of residents.

The Collective Design Process was a key step in translating the group’s vision into tangible terms so that Bannerman Green can apply for Seed funding through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.