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General membership in the Bannerman Green Not-for-Profit Housing Co-op Inc. allows interested individuals to participate in the decision-making process of the Co-op through its development phase. General members will be entitled to participate in the election of the first formal Board of Directors of the Co-op. Once the Co-op is ready for occupancy, we anticipate that the membership structure will be revisited.

General memberships are individual-based (not family or couple); one member gets one vote.

The membership fee of $50 will be used to cover the costs of project start-up (such as Articles of Incorporation and registration of Co-op name) and is non-refundable. The Co-op reserves the right to canvas its members for a further reasonable fee if funds are needed. (If cost is a barrier, please contact the Co-op and alternative arrangements can be made.)

Please note that becoming a general member of the Co-op at this time does not automatically guarantee a housing unit in the Co-op. A separate decision-making process will be put into place to allocate units to members wishing and able to become residents. One of the factors in that decision will be the order of receipt of a general membership application.

If and when living units become available, further financial commitment will be required of members applying to become residents. These funds are refundable if the member withdraws their application for residence.

On-line Membership Application
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