About Us

Who We Are

St. John’s residents Dudley and Eleanor Thompson have for several years been interested in seeing an affordable green cooperative housing project established in Winnipeg’s North End. This dream became a possibility in the spring of 2020, when the large lot at the corner of Bannerman and St. Cross came up for sale

Dudley and Eleanor discussed the idea with neighbours and friends,  and together they sent out an invitation to other potentially interested people. A group of twelve held a first formal meeting August 5 2020 in St. John’s Park to determine if there was enough interest to get the project launched.

After three or four meetings, the growing group created a Project Charter, chose the name Bannerman Green Not-for-Profit Housing Co-op Inc, and submitted Articles of Incorporation.

In October, 2020 an information sheet was dropped off at about 150 homes in the immediate vicinity of 64 Bannerman, informing neighbours about the goals of the project and inviting input or involvement.

At present, the group consists of about 90 members. Some members hope one day to become residents at the Bannerman Green Co-op, others are interested in helping with the project as a means of being involved in the community.

Drawing on his experience as an architect and a pioneer of carbon-neutral building methods in Winnipeg, Dudley led the group through a Collective Design Process to help members clarify their vision for the project. All stakeholders (potential residents, neighbours, etc) were invited to contribute. You can find more details about this process on this page.

You can find more information about housing co-ops at this link.